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The WGME comprises geoscientists who work with experimental and thermodynamic modeling of mineral equilibria and apply models to determine the physico-chemical and geodynamic conditions of formation of both magmatic and metamorphic rocks.

The WGME was created in 1978. The group’s activity includes two major items: (1) participation to international meetings and (2) publication of special volumes. The group is open to everybody. The WG includes about 10 permanent members.

Following council recommendations reported during the Vancouver Business Meeting in 2008, the WGME officers have to move. There was a too long position as IMA-WGME officers for some of the officers.

The WGME was reorganized in 2010, following Professor Leonid Perchuk’s death.

Professor L. Perchuk contributed a long time with success to the activity of the WGME as a chair of this group. Several special volumes were published in the frame of the IMA-WGME activities following participation of WGME in numerous International meetings.


WGME Report 2013 - 2014

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WGME 2012 Report

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WGME 2010 Report

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WGME 2008 Report

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WGME 2007 Report

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WGME 2006 Report

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WGME 2005 Report

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Report on the International School on Earth Sciences (I.S.E.S.) 2005

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WGME 2004 Report

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WGME 2003 Report

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WGME 2002 Report

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